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Karen Lee Kennedy

Karen Lee Kennedy
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    Global Referral Agent with Compass

    Following my high school graduation, I embarked on a journey to the vibrant heart of New York City to immerse myself in the captivating realm of fashion. My initial steps led me to the renowned 7th Avenue, where I assumed the role of a showroom model. This experience laid the foundation for my subsequent venture, co-founding the trailblazing Sasson Jean Company alongside four esteemed partners.

    With an unquenchable thirst for innovation, I swiftly steered my ambitions towards establishing the thriving Salt and Pepper Clothing Corp. During this chapter, I proudly represented illustrious designers like Perry Ellis and Tric Trac, along with two other visionary creators, for a dynamic span of two years.

    Following a fulfilling chapter with Salt and Pepper Clothing Corp, I transitioned into the electrifying sphere of Fit Modeling on 7th Avenue. My expertise was sought after by a myriad of designers, spanning from revered fashion houses to private labels catering to esteemed retailers like Lord & Taylor and Macy’s. My journey extended beyond borders, as I lent my discerning eye and expertise to factories across Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, and Mexico. With meticulous precision, I ensured that garments destined for the American Market were impeccable in every detail.

    For over three decades, I have called the illustrious Upper East Side my home. My abode not only resonates with my refined taste but also serves as a canvas where I paint the hues of marketing acumen and design insight. A profound joy emerges from introducing new acquaintances to residences and commercial spaces tailored to their unique needs. My intuitive nature, a true gift, enables me to effortlessly discern the perfect match for my clients.

    In the realm of real estate, my journey has been marked by two fulfilling years as an esteemed member of The Ryan Sherman team at Sotheby’s. Operating as a global real estate referral agent, my expertise encompasses both the captivating tapestry of New York City and the sun-kissed charm of South Florida. My stature as a Licensed Real Estate Agent and esteemed REBNY Member attests to my commitment to excellence and professionalism.



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