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Pragati Pandey

Pragati Pandey
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    Pragati Pandey has lived in Mumbai, New York, and New Jersey and has traveled all over the world. She has a bachelor’s degree in commerce and economics with diversified experience in the entertainment industry, having anchored for an Indian TV show, as well as served as a producer and actor in the Bollywood film industry.

    Pragati first joined the real-estate profession while she was helping negotiate a retail business deal for a friend in NYC during which she discovered her negotiation skills and the ease with which she handled sensitive situations. Other than deftly handling the terms of the business deal, a major contribution she made was acquiring top notch real estate, which reeled her in! She is a people-person, and her hallmark qualities of trust, dependability, and sincerity have earned her respect with the people who have worked with her. Very aptly people have fondly coined her nickname as PD (Pragati Darling.)

    Pragati is very comfortable with the international community, having over two decades of experience living in NY, NJ, and India. She is very caring and understands the complexity of situations regarding families with children. This caring attitude coupled with her sincerity to assist her clients in the search for their homes, be it temporary or permanent, makes her a perfect choice for buyers and sellers alike. Pragati has a tremendous amount of patience, and always listens to her clients, putting their needs first. She believes in being a trusting friend to those she works with. Most people who meet Pragati eventually become her friend due to her honesty and dependability.

    Prior to joining the real estate profession Pragati started an event management company called Rhythm of Life and organized many concerts for famous Indian artists in the tri-state area, events for actors and producers of Bollywood films, and acted in numerous plays in India at the most prestigious theaters in Mumbai and New Delhi.



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